A Father and Son team, Steve and Pete McGarry set up and have been running an escape room in both Lancaster and Bowness, honing their skills in game design and clue integration. With a spirit and desire to provide something new and innovative, this led to escalating ideas regarding games that could be played anywhere, at any time: not confined to just one location. 

After forming together the idea for Quest Walks & Trails, they worked to create a user friendly system that would allow games to be played all over this fantastic isle...and even beyond. With their imagination flowing, they worked on developing quest walks and ghost walks that could be fun for the whole family. With more games being added to the site weekly, our plans are to get a quest in every area of the UK, so you are never too far away from some fun, a treasure trail or quest to play right at your very fingertips! 

The premise is simple. Choose your game. Pick an ace team. Complete your mission. We look forward to bringing you more and more excellent adventures, missions and puzzles. 




Quest Walks

Murder Mysteries