Murder Mysteries

Welcome to your Quest Walk & Trails experience. Delve into the mystery of a murder or tackle a witches hex: the choice is yours. 

The Quest Walks & Trails are played via the Roamr app (click on the link below to download onto your android or i-phone). Then all your have to do is simply choose your game, pick you team and follow the instructions on purchase. 

The app allows for the saving of games; fellow team-mates to play at the same time via scanning a QR code and a map based navigation system to guide you round your challenge. 

Good luck and happy questing! 

Ouse Bridge

Ambleside: A lakeside mystery

The discovery of an old journal in Armitt Library belonging to Bartholomew Sinclair has once more raised the mystery surrounding his disappearance in 1903. Rumours flourished about why he was never found: did he die or did he just turn his back on his lifestyle? Using entries from Bartholomew’s journal, you will be able to follow in his footsteps and find out what really happened in 1903. So let’s get started ……

Duration: 80 minutes

Starting Point: Armitt Library, Rydal Rd, Ambleside LA22 9BL

Terrain: Moderate

Suitable for ages 10+

Ouse Bridge

Murder Mystery: Ding dong the Mayor is dead

The year is 1922. You are an experienced detective who has been asked to work on an urgent case: the death of the Mayor of York. Follow the clues and puzzles across York to discover the truth about the Mayor’s death
Duration: Approximately 75 minutes

Starting Point: York Castle Museum YO1 9RY

Terrain: Moderate with some cobbled roads

Suitable for ages 10+

Clitheroe: Murder Mystery: A tale of Bootleggers

With three deaths occurring at random over the past couple of days; the police team have called you in to help with their enquiries. Nothing much links the victims, except one common thread; they all have a love of the spirit; rum that is. The coroner has ruled alcohol poisoning as the cause of death, and it looks like bootleggers have wormed their way into Clitheroe, importing and distributing dangerous and illegal alcohol. You will have to find the suspect and the location of the alcohol to solve this dastardly crime. Think you have what it takes? Then let’s go.

Duration: 75 minutes

Starting Position: Clitheroe Castle, Castle Hill, BB7 1BA.

Terrain: Hilly but wheelchair and prams are accessible

Suitable for ages 10+

Wetherby: Inspector Piper Volume 1. Murder Mystery: A Clean Murder

The death of a local gangster's wife appears accidental but is it?

Inspector Piper is called in to investigate further so that the truth can come to light? Can you help out?

Duration: 6o minutes

Starting Point:30, High Street. LS22 6LT

Terrain: Mild, wheelchair and pram accessible

Suitable for ages 10+

Skipton: Inspector Piper Volume 10. Murder Mystery: Murder or Suicide?

The year is 1907 and a Skipton jewellery shop owner has been found dead. Inspector Piper has been called in to investigate the mystery. Can you assist him in following the trail of evidence across Skipton?

Duration: Approximately 60 minutes

Starting Point: Devonshire Inn BD23 2HR

Terrain: Mild but some cobbled streets and roads can be busy

Suitable for ages 10 +

Harrogate: Inspector Piper Volume 4. Murder Mystery: Who Stole the Fabergé?

We know the Faberge disappeared many years ago? But did you know a local detective managed to track down the thief who stole it. Can you retrace his footsteps, and investigate the suspects to work out who stole the Egg? And who did they try to frame?

Duration – Approximately 1 hour

Start point: Harrogate Theatre, HG1 1QF

Terrain: Mild – wheelchair and pram accessible.

Suitable for ages 10+

Manchester: Inspector Piper Volume 3. Murder Mystery: Suffragette with a Secret

The Suffragette movement is in full swing, and the women’s revolution is being to make an impact. Sadly, someone has infiltrated the movement and is looking to bring it down from the inside. Detective Piper has been called in on behalf of the Suffragettes to work out who the rogue operative is and bring an end to their mischief.

Duration – Approximately 1.5 hours

Start point: St Ann’s Square, M2 7JB

Terrain: Mild – wheelchair and pram accessible.

Suitable for ages 10+

Lancaster: Inspector Piper Volume 2. Murder Mystery: The show must go on.

One guard dead. The other in hospital. The world famous manuscripts of William Shakespeare stolen and unable to be found. Can you and your team follow the clues that lead around Lancaster to solve this murder mystery? Working out the murderer and where the papers are being hidden?

Duration – Approximately 1.5 hours

Start point: The Grand Theatre, Lancaster, LA1 1NL

Terrain: Mild – wheelchair and pram accessible.

Suitable for ages 10+

Lancaster: Inspector Piper Volume 7. Murder Mystery: Vote for Vendetta

It is the night before the Union President election results are announced.

A dark storm approaches, and a party is held on campus to celebrate all those running for office.

Suddenly: a power-cut and the lights go out.

When they come back, the favourite for the presidency has been found dead.

Can you work out I) the murderer behind this evil act II) find the weapon and III) work out why they did it?

Duration – Approximately 1 – 1.5 hour

Start point: Alexandra Square, Lancaster University, LA1 4XX

Terrain: Mild – wheelchair and pram accessible.

Suitable for ages 10+