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The ‘Quest Walks & Trails’ experience is one like no other. Bring the drama and excitement of a zombie apocalypse, a murder mystery or witches curse to your day out. 

Quest Walks & Trails are an ideal choice for day trips out, families, friends, team building exercises and everything in between. 

Quest walks & Trails is a collection of immersive challenges, treasure trails, walks and outside quests to challenge you and your team; taking you on a journey around a town/city where you will have to solve puzzles and piece together clues to progress with your quests. 

The walks are all done through the Roamr app, where games are entirely self-guided and unfold virtually via the Roamr mobile app, telling a thrilling story and exploring the city as you go. You can use up to 6 phones per team, with directions provided to each location and clues to help you solve all the puzzles. Don't worry, you can't get stuck, there are hints that will always help you out if you need them.

Players are free to compete for the best time or complete the game at their leisure; the choice is yours!




Quest Walks

Murder Mysteries